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Rewarding Ideas For Hard Working Employees

Any one knows that if you are rewarded you’d work better. Even for a little kid of 4 years, if he knows he will be getting an extra cookie before dinner if he put his toys back in order, he would obviously do it quicker than the speed of lightening with no hesitation at all! It is a common human thing, if you know you’ll be getting something in return, something extra, then you would obviously work better and harder. Similarly even with employees it is the same. Here are some simple ways on how you could reward a hard working employee for his efforts;

Flexibility in working hours and work

If you know an employee is hard working and is dedicated to his job, you know you could count on him to complete his tasks on time and in an orderly fashion. Accordingly, you could trust him enough to allow him the privilege of flexibility in hours and work. What anyone desires is the ability to work flexibly in a way where they aren’t constantly monitored and have the freedom to work things out in a way that is comfortable to them, and this a better reward than any other corporate gifts HK you may give. So give them the luxury and privilege of flexibility but also make sure you emphasize on timeliness and accountability. This the best reward you could give a hard working employee, so study and closely observe such persons over a period of time and select the right ones that deserve this privilege.

A meaningful quirky note and gift

To make things interesting, gift your employees a flower pot with a note that says “thank you for helping me grow”, or a mint candy jar attached with a side note that says “you mint a lot” or even simple quality usb drives HK too could work. These little side notes show the effort and creativity you have put in and is perfectly capable of depicting your appreciation towards your staff members.

Throwing a party

You could throw a party for the entire team and invite their family members as well or send a simple gift voucher for only the selected employee. Show them how much you are grateful for their hard work and commitment to their job.

A fancy wall of fame

Even though your employees may not be able to have their names in stars in the walk of fame, you could create your own wall of fame in the company and hang up pics of the best employees for the month or season.

A simple note

A simple note that says thank you, makes all the more difference than anything you could ever gift!

Make sure you show how much you value your employees and motivate them to do even better by rewarding and recognizing their hard work and efforts!