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3 Main Gift Ideas For Your Customers

Assume that your best friend’s birthday is coming up and you need to buy something for her and you also want to make sure that it’s something that she or he would really love.  In this process, since it’s your best friend you will know well enough what they should like and also you will put in that extra effort to get a good present and on the other hand assume that you have another birthday coming up and that is of a friend that’s less close to you. You will still buy a present but you might be confused on what they would really like or whether you really want to splurge so much money on to this. In the realistic perspective, we all are like that and we do more for those we care more and look at a business that has a bunch of customers that they work with.


These customers take mainly twos shapes; one group being top important as a part of some key projects and revenue inflows to the company while the other group being moderate level customers.  Some companies would use different scaling systems when it comes to classing these customers into groups. Could be in terms of revenue flow, project value and project importance to the company or even by the network accessed through them. However as a company all of these customers should be valued in order to run the business well and this is why most companies introduce different after sale services, benefits and business gifts to keep these clients happy.


This read will give insight to three of the best ideas for business gifts in Hong Kong and the first one being special breakfast packs for those clients once a month or once every two months. Most these people could be pretty busy and would prefer having an on the go meal but you can always get a special breakfast pack customized from a good hotel or a restaurant to give them the delight of enjoying a good meal every month.  Another great gift would be a personalized gift like a tablet computer or a laptop with your company name.  This will surely be a great thing to receive as most of them use these electronic devices frequently.


Finally another idea would be to offer them free 3 to 6 month of membership at a good gymnasium or even a voucher at a great spa that you can think of. If that client is on the top priority list, you can offer them a family voucher so they could enjoy these along with their spouse and children as well. It’s always good to go beyond the mainstream present ideas for the customers you deal with today as a customized pen might not be of great deal to them.