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Impressing An Investor: A Guide

The journey of becoming a successful business owner is hard. If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably know the struggle of reaching your dream. While it’s not impossible, it still requires to work hard. However, the end result is worth all the hard work you put into achieving it. One of the most important parts when it comes to the journey of becoming a fully-fledged entrepreneur is finding an investor. It’s incredibly nerve-wracking to explain your dream to a stranger and then wait for them to decide if your dream is probable. Even though it makes you nervous, you have to do it because your dream becoming a reality depends on this investor. All you have to do is impress them.

The First Meeting

The first thing to do is arrange a meeting with them. The purpose of this meeting is to get you an investor. Make sure you always remember that. When you contact them about the meeting, make sure you’re polite. You should be polite when you’re meeting them face to face too. You should be dressed properly in a way that indicates your seriousness about the situation. Before contacting them and asking for a meeting, make sure to confirm a location as to where you can meet. It would help you a ton if you can find a professional setting. For an example, you can look for serviced offices Brisbane and find one. That would show that you’re willing to do what you have to do in order to get what you want. 

Keep in Contact

Most business men expect for the investors to make a deal with them after one meeting. Most of the time, however, that is far different from the case. Your initial meeting is your chance to make a good first impression. If they are still interested after the meeting, they will most definitely let you know. You have to build a close relationship with them. One of the most effective ways to show how professional you are, is to rent a virtual office space. This will give you an address and also a professional phone line that can take the messages from your investors.

Stay Positive

Another vital thing to remember is to stay positive. Having a positive mindset would help you more than anything. It would help you stay confident and talk about business plan in a way that can attract any investor you want. Even if you feel nervous, if you feel confident, you will still be able to impress them. It’s okay to be scared and nervous but it’s better not to show it. Investors want someone they can trust. They want someone confident and someone who looks like they have everything under control. So, even if you don’t feel your best, convince yourself that you can do this and fake confidence.

Should You Rent Or Lease Your Company Premises?

Are you contemplating whether to lease or rent out your company premises? Are you unable to decide on any one?  Then here are a few things to be considered when deciding to rent or lease.


The first and foremost thing to consider is the affordability of the premises you are looking to shift to. You should draw up a budget and see if you could afford to buy the premise on lease which is in fact a long term investment or simply rent out the premise. Renting out the premise will be a fixed cost and at the end of the renting period will need to be handed over to the owner. But if you are able to lease it whilst maintaining an optimum cash flow level then it is better to lease. Since at the end of the lease the ownership will be transferred to you and it will become an asset to you.

The length

The length of time you will need the particular office space for lease Hong Kong will also affect your decision. As, if you need an office for a short period of time then it is only probable that you rent out the office. If you need it for the long term, then it is best that you lease it out. Most leasing companies now provide leasing facilities for lengthy periods which will mean reduced monthly installments. When such affordable installments are also available it is best that you lease the office and not rent it.


Your type of business is also a factor you need to consider when deciding whether to rent out or lease a premise. If the business requires to be in the same location for instance, a supermarket is a expected to be in the same location. Then it would be practical to lease the premise and obtain it at the end of the lease. However, for a business like a call center it doesn’t matter where they operate from. And they can also rent out in a cheap commercial rental area. Since renting or leasing, does not affect their business in any way.


Stakeholders like employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers too will have a major impact on deciding whether to rent or lease. Some businesses are perceived to have an own premise by the stakeholders. While, some others are not. You can get the opinion of your stakeholder parties too that matter the most to you. Sometimes, stakeholders are not willing to continue business with you if you keep renting new premises. So make sure to get your stakeholder input when deciding to rent or leas you office premise!

Qualities Of A Good Label

If you look at any product in the market they all have a label or a tag. This tag is important not only because the tag helps to show which company created each product but also because it has all the details about the products there. Especially, food products need a tag which mentions the expiry date so that those who buy the products know when it is safe to use the said product. If you have look at these tags well you must have noticed how different products have different tags. This is possible because hang tags NYC is a service provided by some of the best printers in the market. If you are someone who manufactures products, you should know what qualities should be there in the tag which you put on each of these products.

Comes with a Variety of Choices

The best printer will offer you a variety of choices. For example, if we consider the shape, a good printer is never going to tell you they only print rectangular shaped tags forcing you to accept what they have to offer. The best one is often going to offer you choices not just with shapes, but also with the sizes, the paper as well as the graphics and texts used on the tags.

Beautiful and Informative

A good tag is going to receive the same attention given to invitation printing by a good printer. This is because they know everything they print matters to their customers a lot. Why else would the customers pay them to create such things? A good tag, therefore, comes with a beautiful finish and it contains all the information about the product and the company it needs to have.


Durability of a tag is must have quality. You spend money to create these tags so that they will last as long as the product is used. If the tag starts to fall apart even as you are loading the finished products to trucks to be delivered to stores that is not a good tag.Easy to Put on Products The best tags are also going to be easy to put on products. We all know once the tags are made and the products are finished manufacturing we have to stick the tag on to each product. A good tag stays on without having to put much effort to the matter.
Now that you know about the qualities of a good tag it will be easier for you to find a printer who can create such tags.